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Eric Budd, Kent Island MD


"Another solid day of fishing on the bay with @beach_to_bay_guide Capt Steve Mason. Thankful for a good time with my buddy and a couple solid rockfish for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow."

Ron Long, Rumbley MD


"Big, huge THANK YOU to Captain Steve Mason!!!!!! I haven't been out in the Lower Bay since June. Lots of "stuff" going on!! Captain Steve got me out!! And put us over fish for most of the day!! If you're looking for a guide down this way, you might want to call him!! He knows the area!! And when it got snotty on the way in that Parker flare kept us dry!!!  Thanks so much Captain!! Touching a Striper and smelling the Bay was a big deal for me!! And thanks to J.r. Whitsell for the lures!! THEY WORK!! I had to wait a day to post my thanks, because at 65 feeling takes longer to get back to my fingers!! Steve, I wish you and Lindsay and Shay a blessed holiday season and an awesome future on the water!!!"

Brett Gaba, Seattle WA


"Great day with @beach_to_bay_guide yesterday. The morning bite came with an impressive breeze but we got fish on flies anyway. The afternoon calmed down a bit and we found some nice fish closer to the islands. Thanks, Steve!"